1) How is Fruiti King different from other ice cream brands? 

Fruiti King uses real fruit pulps in our ice cream. 

Fruiti King brings the best of both worlds of real fruits and ice cream. 

The experience of eating Fruiti King is like eating the real fruit itself with all the icy and creamy goodness together with it. Try it for yourself! 

2) Do your products contain any preservatives, flavourings or colourings?

Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain no preservatives, flavourings and colourings. 

3) Why is your Musang King ice-cream priced more expensive than your other products?

Our Musang King ice cream is our super premium product which contains real Musang King fruit pulps. 

Musang King is the ‘King’ of all fruits, thus, placing our Musang King ice cream at the top of our range of products and price. 

We also have premium durian ice cream and a range of normal fruits.

4) Are your products Halal?

Yes, all our products are Halal certified.

5) How can I find out more about your products?

You can find out more about us and our products at www.fruitiking.com or like us on Facebook and Instagram

6) Do your products contain any alcohol?

No, our products do not contain any alcohol as they are Halal certified.

7) What is the best way to consume your ice-cream bars and potong?

We recommend that after taking out the ice-cream bar and potong from the freezer, let it sit in room temperature for 3 minute before consuming them for the best experience.

8) Where and how can I find out the prices of Fruiti King products?

Please contact your local Fruiti King store for more information about pricing. 

You may also visit our website at www.fruitiking.com (Online Store) to purchase it online. 

9) Does Fruiti King offer delivery of ice cream and other products?

Yes we do, you can find out more and place your order at www.fruitiking.com (Online Store).

10) Why do the colours of your ice creamlook pale?

We do not use any colouring in our ice cream because we believe in presenting the best quality fruit ice cream in the purest form possible. 

11) Why does the taste of your ice creamvary?

This is because we only use 100% real fruits. 

Just like when you purchase fruits from the supermarket, the taste of the fruits could vary season to season and batch by batch. 

Similarly, the taste of our ice creams may vary due to the real fruits ingredient and we do not use any artificial flavouring. 

12) Can a diabetic person consume your product?

Our products may not be suitable for diabetic patients as they contain sugar and fruits. 

Please consult your doctor.

13) How many calories does your product contain?

Please refer to the nutritional information printed on our products for the calorific information and more but note that they are only a guide. 

Please consult your health consultants/advisers for proper health advice.

14) Can people on a sugar-free diet eat your product?

Our products may not be suitable for people on a sugar-free diet as they contain sugar and fruits. 

15) Are your products vegan-friendly?

Most of our products are dairy-based. 

However, we also have dairy-free products like sorbets that are vegan-friendly. 

You may refer to the ingredients information printed on our products packaging. 

16) Are your products gluten-free?

Our products may contain traces of gluten from functional ingredients used in the product recipes.

17) Are your products lactose-free?

Most of our products are dairy-based, therefore containing lactose. 

However, we also have dairy-free products like sorbets. 

You may refer to the ingredients information printed on our products packaging for more information. 

18) The ice cream I purchased tastes weird. Can I get a refund on it?

Yes, we offer guaranteed satisfaction and will gladly replace sub-standard products or you may contact our customer service at customerservice@fruitiking.com

19) Can I get a free sample of your ice cream?

You may visit your nearest Fruiti King ice-cream outlet or kiosk to request for sample tasting or contact us on customerservice@fruitiking.com

20) Do your products consist of nuts and eggs?

No. Our products do not consist of nuts and eggs.

21) Are your products Kosher-certified?

No. Our products are not Kosher-certified. 

22) Do you offer low-fat ice cream?

No. Currently we don’t have low-fat ice cream.

23) Where do you obtain your ice cream ingredients?

Our ice cream ingredients are sourced from various parts of the world including New Zealand for top dairy ingredients.

24) Where is your ice cream made?

Our ice creams are made locally in our factory at : 


13, Jalan Industri Taming Mas,

Pusat Industri Taming Mas,

43300 Seri Kembangan, 


25) Can I purchase your ice cream directly from the factory?

Sure, buy online via www.fruitiking.com !

26) How should your ice cream be stored?

Our ice cream products are best stored in freezers at home or in the office, unopened at -18 degrees Celsius or lower temperature.